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Mobile sets of intelligent sensors offer an ideal solution in wireless gathering detailed data concerning processes occurring at the construction site.

You can monitor the progress of work from any place in the world thanks to LIVE transmissions in high resolution. Beholder.IO analyzes the construction site intelligently and will inform you, when something unexpected happens.

Thanks to complex analyses of data gathered by Beholder.IO you have remote access  to detailed reports, charts, information on maintaining or exceeding the established standards at all times.

Careful monitoring of the construction site limits the risk of unexpected problems occurrence. In the case of their occurrence, it helps to react faster and more appropriately in a crisis situation.

Beholder.IO itself will offer you solutions to problems, give guidance in what conditions specified materials are best utilized, how to plan work, prepare optimal schedule for contractors.

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Why should we invest in such equipment?

Beholder.IO provides security and comfort of work for the whole team.

1) Careful monitoring of the construction site gives a sense of security and a possibility of a quick, appropriate reaction in a crisis situation. Employees at the construction site feel safe thanks to the awareness that the whole facility and processes occurring there are under the watchful eye of people responsible. Costs related to health and safety and preventing unfortunate events will be reduced.

2) Thanks to the remote monitoring and measurements, almost real time, we minimize costs of sending people to distant construction sites. We are able to undertake more projects limiting human costs.

3) Thanks to intelligent notifications, we can immediately inform the site manager, that in a given zone there is high temperature (e.g. fire), too low temperature (e.g. frost), too wet conditions (e.g. covering by water). Such notifications minimize the risk of incurring losses arising from a crisis situation occurrence.

4) Thanks to gathering and analyzing historical data we can better plan the use of resources for the construction, maximizing the choice of right materials for specific environmental conditions, thanks to which we obtain more for less, reducing the risk and costs of corrections.

How is it better than a human?

1) Beholder monitors simultaneously all places in which sensors are distributed.

2) It provides precise information concerning CO2 concentration, humidity, temperature, noise level.

3) Immediate notification on exceeding standards.

4) Theft and fraud recognition for example thanks to weighing vehicles which bring materials to the construction site or utilizing night vision optics and motion sensors to observe the area at night.

5) It not only monitors, but also documents all processes, thanks to which a detailed report on the construction state is available at any time.

6) We improve work effectiveness thanks to undisturbed communication.

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