Intelligent Sensors

Great constructions deserve the best technology. Mobile sets of intelligent sensors offer an ideal solution in wireless gathering detailed data concerning processes occurring at the construction site. Thanks to the xBee technology, they enable to create wireless communication network in the most difficult conditions, in which the use of other technologies is impossible.


Sensors gather detailed information concerning  useful parameters, such as temperature, CO2 concentration, humidity, noise level. The type of data you need to monitor depends only on you! Beholder.IO, designed to enable maximum efficiency and versatility, will provide precise data from any place of the construction site.


Recognition of Objects and Events


Monitoring is understatement. You can monitor the progress of work from any place in the world thanks to LIVE transmissions in high resolution. At any time, you can also show your co-employees how your investment is created.

Thanks to viewing the place by means of a 360-degree camera, nothing will escape your attention. And if you close your eyes, be assured, Beholder.IO never does it. It analyzes the construction site intelligently and will inform you, when something unexpected happens. You will receive notification when anyone from your employees  falls down, smaller amount of material than planned is provided to the construction site, when under the cover of the night there is an intruder at the site or humidity is reduced too much to ensure optimal concrete congeal.

Construction Process Analysis

Your mind is space for great ideas, not the analysis of problems. Beholder.IO enables you to work more productively, safely and more creatively. Thanks to complex analyses of data gathered by Beholder.IO you have remote access  to detailed reports, charts, information on maintaining or exceeding the established standards at all times.


Sending a team on a long way to the construction site in order to make professional measurements and document every construction phase is no longer necessary. Accurate data is  at hand at any time. Always when you need it. Today is an important day at the construction site, the finish of the further important phase? Nothing will escape your attention. Monitor the situation and after the finished work download the detailed report online.


Investment security


Make the decision, react regardless of where you are. Beholder.IO provides security and comfort for the whole team. We improve work effectiveness thanks to smooth and undisturbed communication. Careful monitoring of the construction site limits the risk of unexpected problems occurrence. In the case of their occurrence, it helps to react faster and more appropriately in a crisis situation.


The subcontractors’ report concerning their work is no longer the only source of information. It is your construction site, thanks to Beholder.IO you will not lose the sense of control over any process. Thanks to detailed data, which you have access at any time to, you react quickly, avoid delays, appropriately distribute responsibilities in order to reduce the financial loss and maximize safety.

The construction intelligence

Great investments require great decisions. Thanks to Beholder.IO they will be much easier to make. By gathering detailed data, Beholder.IO itself will offer you solutions to problems, give guidance in what conditions specified materials are best utilized, how to plan work, prepare optimal schedule for contractors, which solutions were previously successful and which should be modified.


Beholder.IO is your personal advisor which possesses knowledge about any corner of the construction site and experience in the analysis of situations obtained through all previous constructions.


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