Are you bothered by any questions? Do you still not know whether Beholder.IO meets your expectations? What problems will it help you solve? You wonder whether the investment in detailed analyses, database of reports and knowledge about the construction site and guarantee of risk reduction which is offered by Beholder.IO is worth it? We are here to dispel your doubts.

How it works?

Who are you?

We are a creative team looking for innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs. We recognize needs thanks to curiosity of the world and ability to listen to people. We are sure that our ideas along with the use of technological innovations can really facilitate work and improve productivity.

Our goal is to provide business value for the client, and not create a solution, service or product. The latter is the result of our work.

What are the possibilities of Beholder.IO?

Beholder.IO is innovative software which serves to monitor construction parameters and processes occurring at the construction site. In order to obtain detailed data, we use intelligent sensors transmitting information wirelessly even in the most difficult conditions.

Beholder.IO intelligently analyzes the construction site and notifies you when anyone from your employees  falls down, smaller amount of material than planned is provided to the construction site, when under the cover of the night there is an intruder at the site or humidity is reduced too much to ensure optimal concrete congeal. Sensors gather detailed information concerning useful parameters, such as temperature, CO2 concentration, humidity, noise level and can be freely configured according to needs of a particular construction.

Beholder.IO gives guidance in key moments thanks to which making important decisions is much easier. Thanks to the intelligent analysis of gathered data, the system suggests ready solutions, provides the possibility to analyze the scenario of conducted works and eliminate risk.

How extensive commitment from employees it requires? Whose commitment mostly? Who will operate it? Who will be engaged?

Configuring the software is not complicated. Devices can be configured both locally and remotely. It is enough to create an account in the system and program will direct what actions should be taken in order to configure devices and start monitoring.

Another step is the installation of intelligent sensors in places which you want to obtain data from. This will require to involve a R&D engineer, one person who is able to use computer proficiently, programming knowledge is not necessary.

A well-configured account provides information, which can be easily used by everyone interested. To sum up, the process will require one person in the organization to manage the configuration of devices and one person at the construction site who will install devices.

Why should we invest in such equipment?

Beholder.IO provides security and comfort of work for the whole team.

1) Careful monitoring of the construction site gives a sense of security and a possibility of a quick, appropriate reaction in a crisis situation. Employees at the construction site feel safe thanks to the awareness that the whole facility and processes occurring there are under the watchful eye of people responsible. Costs related to health and safety and preventing unfortunate events will be reduced.

2) Thanks to the remote monitoring and measurements, almost real time, we minimize costs of sending people to distant construction sites. We are able to undertake more projects limiting human costs.

3) Thanks to intelligent notifications, we can immediately inform the site manager, that in a given zone there is high temperature (e.g. fire), too low temperature (e.g. frost), too wet conditions (e.g. covering by water). Such notifications minimize the risk of incurring losses arising from a crisis situation occurrence.

4) Thanks to gathering and analyzing historical data we can better plan the use of resources for the construction, maximizing the choice of right materials for specific environmental conditions, thanks to which we obtain more for less, reducing the risk and costs of corrections.

In what way the device is powered, what are its dimensions? How its installation will interfere with the construction site?

All sensors are equipped with their own energy efficient power supply thanks to which they can operate without interruptions over several months without any actions. Thanks to small dimensions and wireless communication, the device does not interfere in the construction site nor disturb any works conducted there.

What guarantee do we have that data gathered by Beholder.IO is confidential and available only to us? How will it be stored?

Data gathered by Beholder.IO is fully confidential. Every client receives an isolated slice of a database on our server, meeting the GIODO standards, and the transmission itself is SSL certificate encrypted.

How is it better than a human?

1) Beholder monitors simultaneously all places in which sensors are distributed.

2) It provides precise information concerning CO2 concentration, humidity, temperature, noise level.

3) Immediate notification on exceeding standards.

4) Theft and fraud recognition for example thanks to weighing vehicles which bring materials to the construction site or utilizing night vision optics and motion sensors to observe the area at night.

5) It not only monitors, but also documents all processes, thanks to which a detailed report on the construction state is available at any time.

6) We improve work effectiveness thanks to undisturbed communication.

What other uses can Beholder.IO have in future? Will the product be developed?

Supporting real estate developers in controlling big investments is just the beginning, other ways of development include:

1) Constant monitoring of big investments‘ and important facilities’ technical parameters.

2) The developer’s feedback for investors, real estate buyers (work progress, time laps).

3) Securing facilities of historic value. Constant monitoring of buildings which are endangered and of cultural heritage value.

4) Commercial use in single-family housing development, as the control of contractors’ work organization and element of the Intelligent Home system during its use. (reason: limited trust in contractors and the quality of their work.)

5) Monitoring of agricultural areas, considering parameters required by a specified crop. (reason: climatic changes, a need to control new unpredictable conditions).

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